Knowledge is Power

The more we learn about solar the more people switch to solar.
Here is why!


Federal Tax Incentive

Dollars Utah State Tax Incentive

Utah homes have switched to solar energy!

Sunny Renewable Energy

Why Use Us?

Experience is key to maximizing the benefits of solar. Our install teams are lead by a master electrician who has been servicing Utah for 26 years! The company goal has always been to offer the best value solar in Utah! Pricing is at an average of 7% less than our competitors without sacrificing quality.

$0 Out of Pocket

Most think solar comes with a huge out of pocket expense. Not at Sunny. We can replace what you are spending every month on electricity for a secure, fixed solar cost. Unlike an electric bill, once the solar is paid for you own it and eliminate a monthly expense.

Save More. Spend Less.

Everyone wants to save money. On average we save people over $20,000 in the next 25 years. Once your solar system is paid for you own it.​ You no longer have to pay a utility company each month to generate your power.

Home Value Increase

If you put two identical homes next to each other, then put solar on top of one, the one with solar will sell before the one without solar.  ​The reason for this is, solar eliminates a monthly bill for the new home owner. There is real value in that.

Reduce Polution

Its not every day we stop and take a second to think of how our electricity is created. The electricity you are using to read this website was created somehow and some where. Most of that power is created by burning of fossil fuels. Those fossil fuels release toxins that cause pollution. The average solar system is equal to offsetting the pollution of over 150 new trees. We love solar because its one way to help people be part of the solution.

Enjoy The Sunshine

At Sunny we do all of the backend work for you. You don’t need to worry about permits, scheduling an inspection or anything else. We will call and coordinate convenient times with you when we do need you at the home.


I'm so pleased with this! Of all the options available, this was by far the best.

Tina Gatherum

Google Review, 5 Stars

Very friendly and good to work with. I would recommend these guys.

Daren Moore

Google Review, 5 Stars

Join the solar revolution with Sunny today!  Thousands of home owners are making the switch to renewable energy and are happy with the added savings! Find out more today!