Rocky Mountain Power - Net Metering

Before November 2015, 2017, Rocky Mountain Power and the State of Utah have come to an agreement to adjust the current Net-Metering process.  Utah residents that are current customers of RMP are able to grandfather the current rate at which excess power is credited.  That current rate is 1kwh to 1kwh.  Which means if your solar panels produce an excess of your current usage, you will be credited that on your next bill. Kind of like roll over minutes. It’s an amazing deal to save the most money and RMP has agreed to honor any of their customers to be locked in or grandfathered in just by switching to solar renewable energy before the November 15th, deadline. After the deadline, RMP has agreed with the State of Utah that there will be a three year testing window where the new rate that will be credited is roughly 10-20% less than the current 1kwh to 1kwh rate. 

What does this mean for me?

If you qualify for solar or would like to pay cash for a solar (renewable energy) system, and you sign up with Sunny Renewable Energy before the November 15th, deadline, you will be able to stay grandfathered in at the 1kwh to 1kwh rate until 2035.

How do I sign up before the deadline?

Please fill out the contanct form below and one of our solar professionals will reach out to you and help you understand the benefits of switching to renewable energy.  Our Mom and Pop pricing can’t be beat and we will take care of you as if you were our own family.  Our number one goal is to help you save money.  

Why should I get solar?

One of the qualifications for getting solar installed on your roof is that you must be the homeowner.  As a homeowner we ask why is it better to own your own home vs renting?  The answer is simple.  You are putting that money back in your pocket by adding equity to your house.  If you rented each month for 30 years you would ultimately pay off someone elses house and then some.  Power is the same way.  Most areas you don’t get to choose who provides you power and are stuck with paying increasing rates year after year after year.  Switching to solar will allow you to now own that same power you have been renting for so long.   Once the panels are paid off they belong to you and that power in provides also belongs to you.  

Join the solar revolution with Sunny today!  Thousands of home owners are making the switch to renewable energy and are happy with the added savings! Find out more today!