Making the switch to solar is easy!


Solar Evaluation

First on the list is taking a look at your home and energy usage. This will tell us where the panels will sit and how many you will need to offset your power. Once we know how many panels you need and where they go we will know how much you will save.


Site Survey & Design

One of our site surveyors will come inspect the roof and take exact measurements. From here we will design your system in a format we can send to the city for approval.



Once we have a permit from the city we schedule a time for your install. The install itself only takes a few hours.​



Your local utility company will come out and inspect the system before it is flipped onto the grid. Safety first! Now it is time for you to enjoy the savings and taking advantage of the sun beating down on your roof.

Take Advantage Of The Tax Credits Before It's Too Late!

Right now the federal government is returning to you 30% of the total cost of solar in a tax credit. The state of Utah is returning 20% up to $2000 in a state tax credit of the total cost. These WILL NOT last forever and are scheduled to go away soon.

Join the solar revolution with Sunny today!  Thousands of home owners are making the switch to renewable energy and are happy with the added savings! Find out more today!